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Will it hurt my baby?

No pain relief is required as there are no nerve endings nearby. Your baby will be wrapped in a towel to keep them safe and secure during the procedure and you will have the opportunity to be with your baby at all times.

Will it bleed?

Bleeding is usually minimal. Approximately one in one thousand babies may bleed. These babies do not lose large amounts of blood as the wound only oozes. The bleeding normally settles on its  own with no further treatment or long term effects on your baby.

How long will it take to heal?

When the frenulum has been cut it opens into a diamond shape at the base of the tongue, within 2 days it becomes a white patch which looks like a mouth ulcer, if your baby is jaundiced it will be yellow this can last for two weeks and won't cause any pain.

Will my baby be unsettled after the procedure?

Although some babies will cry for up to 60 seconds, the average is just 15 seconds (and some just stay asleep). Their routine maybe a bit unsettled however the majority of babies do not suffer any ill effects from the procedure and return to normal quickly.

Will it affect my babies speech development?

Some babies with tongue tie experience speech difficulty others do not.

Dental  health?

Dental caries can occur due to food debris not being removed by the tongue action of sweeping the teeth and spreading of salvia, can also cause Halitosis (bad breath).